Demonic icons of style

Why could not history go backwards
2012-07-11 19:16:40

Why could not history go backwards, allowing people from the past come to the future, so miniature graphic artists for images of the revelation of John the theologian could take part in Pitti Uomo, one of the most prestigious exhibitions of man’s fashion in Florence.

While looking at the photos from that festival you could not stop thinking that this event could give a lot of inspiration for images of the revelation of John the theologian of XVII century. Vulgar set of colors, disproportional forms, growing vanity- this all could be a good template for the illustrations  of Babylon.

These guys look like coming from illustrations of apocalyptic pictures: this is when under the layers of holy images demons were drawn. Their appearance seems like telling us that the ‘hour’ is nearing. 

And while men stop being manly, we should get ready to the Last Judgment. Not necessarily in fashion…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Alexey Zagorsky








Фото модных мужчин - STREETFSN BY NAM

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