Album of the county ladies to landscape student culture medium
2012-09-03 18:37:15


In a last-century school survey, popular among the generation of 90-s as well as in social networks which generation of 2000-s can’t currently do without, there might occasionally be spotted a tradition of girl’s album scripted in handwriting. 

Albums of female gymnasium and boarding school students are often started with mother’s advice; on every page to view were the glimmers of a very personal girl’s lyrics; wishes would get expressed by the host’s girlfriends with addressing not  otherwise as ‘deer dove’; ‘angel’ ‘sweet cheeks’.

A diary’s front cover, 1909
A verse to remember
The steel pen probed
A diary’s front cover, 1911 
Own lyrics
A diary’s front cover, 1922
Don’t believe what might be written here
Flirty critique
A headpiece
Album’s cover, year 1926 
"To Nyurochka from Valya


A page design

A smear’s found its way into…
Diana Chankseliani

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