The traditions of the Russian school of book illustrations and new artists books
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As it used to be in good old times – the Sleeping Beauty is waiting her Prince, Ivanushka is getting unexpected help from The Horse-hunchback, the kindness and honesty of Hare is having the upper hand over the cunning Fox. Like in old times – girls are dreaming of becoming Princesses, and boys – of beating the Dragons. The Fairy-tale gives birth to Dream. And illustration artists animate the fairy tale’s magic…

Classic storytellers

Ivan Bilibin

Hardcover of the book ‘Finist-the-Falcon’s Feather’
Illustration to the fairy-tale ‘Finist-the-Falcon’s Feather’

Yuri Vasnetsov
Cover to the French edition of the ‘Fox and Hare’ fairy tale by (Le Renard et le Lievre)
Illustration of the French edition of ‘Fox and Hare’ fairy tale
Hardcover of the book “Animal friendship “
Hardcover of the book “Russian Tales”

Vladimir Konashevich

Hardcover of Vladimir Dahl’s book “Fox bast shoe maker”
Cover of the English edition tale by Alexander Pushkin “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”
Leo Vladimirsky
Hardcover of the book “Wooden Eagle”
Illustrations in the edition


About how to be trained as an illustrator: narrate the artists Kate Shumakova and Konstantin Popov.
Which books in childhood used to be your best?
 Kate: All childhood was in company of books and good artists. A tiny book by Vitaly Bianky “Fox and Baby mouse” with Yuri Vasnetsov’s illustrations and the edition with illustrations by Vladimir Konashevich – they were my best.
Konstantin: “Adventures of Petrushka” with illustrations by Leo Vladimirsky and Vladimir Mayakovsky’s verse collection “For Children” illustrated by Yuvenaly Korovin, it seems to be the book which became one of the steps on the way to the book illustrator’s profession.
How to become a book illustrator? 
Kate: To look through lots of books and find a teacher among the illustrators. The man should understand by himself, what he likes and be courageous, not chicken, and be focused on what he is good at. The point is: illustration and work on the book should be fun! Getting through it with pain and martyrdom will do you no good.
Hardcover of the book “Pawnee-Jack of all trades” by Kate Shumkova; Compass Guide Publishing House 
Illustrations by Kate Shumakova “Pawnee Jack of all trades”; Publishing House: Compass Guide 
Konstantin Potapov’s illustrations: “Cock-a-doodle-doo on the hens’ holiday”; Publishing House: Compass Guide 
Konstantin Potapov’s illustrations: “Cock-a-doodle-doo on the hens’ holiday”; publishing house: Compass Guide

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